About the Companions

About the Companions:
Journeying with the Sisters of St. Francis

Who is a Companion of the Sisters of St. Francis?

A companion of the Sisters of St. Francis is any baptized person, at least 18 years old, who:

  • is called to a mutual faith journey with the sisters.
  • wants to share in the mission and vision of the sisters.
  • seeks a deeper spirituality to continue the work of Jesus.
  • cherishes the charisms of St. Francis, St. Clare of Assisi and Blessed Maria Theresia Bonzel, the foundress of the sisters.
  • is dedicated to bring about social justice
  • is financially independent of the sisters.
  • has a wholesome attitude towards people
  • assists the sisters in their ministries, when possible.

A Companion’s relationship with the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration is a spiritual, not a legal bond.

How to become a Companion Invitation

Any Sister of St. Francis or Companion may invite an interested person to become a candidate or any interested person may contact the Director for information.

The Companion Directress or her delegate interviews him/her, and gives the interested person an application form.

When the completed application is returned, the applicant is called a candidate and a period of preparation begins.

After prayer, reflection and discussion, the candidate decides if he/she is ready to become a companion. If so, he/she makes a like request to the companion directress.

Choosing the level of relationship

  • Level 1—Companions of Prayer
      A person who bonds with the sisters through mutual daily prayer.
  • Level 2—Companions of Service
      A person who bonds with the sisters through mutual daily prayer, plus is able to share in community service both locally and provincially.

The candidate publicly makes an annual commitment in a simple ceremony and becomes a companion.

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1983 – Research of co-membership models for our Province
1986 –  Rome’s approval for Companions for the Province of St. Joseph
1987 –  Creation of a formal structure for “Companion Relationship”
1988 –  Acceptance of the first 13 Companions and appointment of a Director of Companions
2013 –  Companions celebrated their 25th anniversary
2018 –  Companions celebrated their 30th Anniversary
2019 -  Current statistics:  71 companions, 5 candidates

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Companion Activities

1. Annual retreat at the end of July
2. Renewal and anniversary commitment
3. Meetings several times a year
4. Companions are remembered in prayer on their birthdays
5. Monthly Mass offered for the companions and their intentions
6. Opportunity to serve others
7. Opportunity for adoration
8. Opportunity to share in the Holy Hour on First Fridays
9. Companions receive the quarterly community newsletter “Franciscan Peaks”

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Goals for 2019-2020

1.  Weekly participation with the Sisters in Eucharistic Adoration.
2. Vocations—pray for all five vocations—marriage, single, vowed religious, deaconate and priestly life.
3. Companions—inviting others to become Companions.
4. Participation in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy needed in your sphere of influence.

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